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Authors, Publishers, Book Coaches, & Anthology Collaborators - How would would things change for your if you could market and sell more books ... WITHOUT Spending HOURS online?

Most Author's Love Storytelling... 

They even love writing the stories that keep them up at night, but when it comes to business, book sales, and marketing, the creative juices just Do NOT flow.​ 


We focus on three very specific areas to help creative visionaries and author brands create strong platforms and consistent income with their work.  They are your:


Prime Reader

Prime Positioning

Prime Profit Path

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I'm Tar'kesa Colvin


Tar’kesa Colvin, MBA is the founder and Ceo of Influence NOW Media, LLC, a family of enterprises that includes a Publishing Company, a TV & Film Production company, an Author Brand, and a Marketing Consulting Firm. Her mission is to amplify the voices of creatives and kill the myth of the starving artist.  

Tar’kesa has spent several years mentoring and coaching business owners and visionaries in various corporate settings and industries.  She has worked in Healthcare Management during her career, completed a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, and a Masters of Business Administration in operations management. 

Notable achievements include:

  • Wrote and published 19 + books in 6 years

  • Award-Winning Publishing Consultant


Valerie Boyce, MHR
Author, Corporate Exit Strategist & Podcast Host

If you have a book that needs to be marketed adequately, the intensive and accelerator week got me on a path to up-leveling my book promotions because I had let them sit, not realizing I could be and should be tapping into them. I personally keep a list of programs that provide so much value and results that I need to invest in and this is in my top for sure! Tar’kesa lit a fire in me that pushed me to “get it done”. Thank you for the clarity and accountability!


Leticia A. Mathis, M.P.A.
Author, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of
The ImpactHER Society, LLC and ImpactHER Global Ministries, Inc.

If your books are sitting on the shelf or in a pdf file collecting dust and you have no idea how to reach the masses with them, then this Intensive is for you. And if you think you are just going to consume more information you are mistaken, get ready to put what you’ve learned into action during the Accelerator week. PeriodT!


Keith K. L. Belvin 
Award-Winning Author, 
Publisher & 
Crisis Counselor

Tar'kesa Colvin, the idea of hiring a VA from Fiverr to organize my 325 Youtube videos was a great idea. They are now organized with the URL listed with the titles and topics, which will make it easier for me to set them into motion for future projects and courses I am planning. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the idea.


Also, finding the cover designer from the vault resources has paid off with my new book cover and agreed to future collaborations. The designer agreed to work with me and my clients in the future.


So far, being here is paying off big time!!!



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