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It's Time to Scale Your Business AND Excel in Your Life

Support for CEOs who are at a point in their business and lives where balance is a requirement – NOT an option.

Most business owners are doing ALL the things in their business but still not making the progress and profits they desire... 

They find themselves part of the hustle & "Team no sleep" crowd, even when they started their business to have more freedom and spend more time with their families - WITHOUT sacrificing making money to meet their financial needs and responsibilities.   So even though they have invested in courses, coaches, and maybe even added a few members to their team,  they feel closer to burnout than breakthrough.


Here, we focus on three very specific areas to help entrepreneurs create balance professionally and personally while positioning their company's to grow and scale with balance.  The 3 areas we focus on are your:



Presence in Your Life

Here's your chance to be a part of a likeminded community of ambitious friends


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I'm Tar'kesa Colvin


Tar’kesa Colvin, MBA is the Founder and Ceo of Influence NOW Media, LLC, a family of enterprises that includes a Publishing Company, a TV & Film Production company, an Author Brand, and a Consulting Firm. Her mission is to help scaling entrepreneurs get out of the "hustle" and "survival" mode and really build the business and life they envision.    

Tar’kesa has spent several years mentoring and coaching business owners and visionaries in various corporate settings and industries.  She has worked in Healthcare Management during her career, completed a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, a Masters of Business Administration in Operations Management, and is currently pursuing a P.h.D. in Organizational Leadership and Management. 

Notable achievements include:

  • Wrote and published 19 + books in 6 years

  • Award-Winning Publishing Consultant

Shifting to reach your business AND personal goals with less stress is possible.  Here's what a few of our clients are saying about some of the CEO support offer: 

Aprille, Fitness Coach

- Marketing was costing $52,200 in sales.

I would totally recommend this service to others.  My biggest takeaway was the conversion opportunities. I'm surprised by what even 1% would look like.  It was a lot of information and I haven't even fully processed it yet. But definitely opened my eyes to potential money being left on the table.”


Leticia, Business & Non-Profit Strategist

- Marketing was costing $101,824 in sales.

The marketing audit was eye-opening!  And coupling it with the marketing strategy consult was a gamechanger.  Tar'kesa not only showed me the gap in my marketing approach but also broke down a step-by-step marketing strategy that will consistently feed my sales.  Now, my team knows exactly what steps to execute so that we reach our goals.


Keith K. L. Belvin 
Award-Winning Author, 
Publisher & Crisis Counselor

- Was spending hours doing admin and design work without delegating.

Tar'kesa Colvin, the idea of hiring a VA from Fiverr to organize my 325 Youtube videos was a great idea. They are now organized with the URL listed with the titles and topics, which will make it easier for me to set them into motion for future projects and courses I am planning. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the idea.


Also, finding the cover designer from the vault resources has paid off with my new book cover and agreed to future collaborations. The designer agreed to work with me and my clients in the future.


So far, being here is paying off big time!!!



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