Other Notable Achievements Include:

  • Bestselling Author

  • Former TV Show Host

  • Contributor to The Huffington Post

  • Contributor to Thrive Global

  • Contributor to Addicted 2 Success

  • Helped over 100 authors successfully write their books

  • Mentored clients who got results like securing 5-figure corporate contracts, winning multiple 6-figure government contracts, delivering numerous TEDx talks, becoming featured experts and authors at the NAACP National Convention, being selected as featured experts on major networks like NBC, and gaining feature coverage in well-known magazines like Cosmo, being appointed as board members for nonprofit organizations and more


My other achievements include my current work towards completing a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Management, being chosen as a 2021 Clubhouse Creator First Finalist/Show Producer, and co-creating the ‘Strength in Diversity Experience™,’ Corporate workshop.

Through my time as a business mentor and coach, my continued study of operations management & leadership, and the experience I gained as a corporate leader and business owner have helped me create proven frameworks for successful strategic planning and implementation.  This method of business planning helps small business owners create consistency in their revenue generation and increases their cash on hand, allowing them to build teams and pay themselves effectively. These frameworks help business owners shift from tirelessly working IN their businesses to being the CEO of their companies.

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Who is Tar'kesa Colvin

Picture it - I was a single mother of two, with an associate degree, working for a well-known corporation making 18 dollars an hour. The pay wasn’t bad, but somehow, I was still barely making it. 


Then, just like that…


I was fired 3 days before Christmas.


AND when I was visibly upset - my boss said, "You'll be fine, don’t you get aid or something?"


I was just an expendable cog in the business machine, and my boss’s words left me feeling berated, valueless, and most of all, hopeless.


From that job, I went on to have several temp jobs, but nothing that made me feel secure in my ability to provide for my family.


Fast forward 8 years – I’ve shifted from single to married, attained a bachelor’s & master’s Degree, and I have a stable job in the Healthcare Management field.  I had even moved from leadership roles where I hired, trained, and developed teams into a Sr. Systems Analyst where I documented, tested, and drafted process improvements and proposed system initiatives to increase productivity and accuracy in daily operations.


The bills were paid, we had food, and the budget had plenty of room for fun money.


But that wasn’t enough.


It was a 45-minute ride to and from work every day, and I cried on my way there and on my way home EVERY DAY.


See, I again had a “Boss.” 


She was short-tempered, verbally abusive, and her personality was volatile at best.  I never knew “who” I would get from moment to moment when dealing with her. 


In a moment of vulnerability, I told my boss I wasn’t happy, to which she replied, “Nobody’s happy,” as if the concept of doing work you love and enjoying life was a figment of my imagination.


During my time with the company, while my skills and education took the business to new heights, my health was impacted.  And to top it all off, I was diagnosed with stress-related anxiety - a diagnosis that my boss told me could be “grounds for termination.” 

And there it was again… that feeling of hopelessness.


That feeling that I didn’t count or matter as much as the needs and mission of the business.


I was helping their business flourish but to my detriment.


That is when I decided to DIVE completely into entrepreneurship.  I mean, I had been coaching and mentoring business owners and creatives for over 10 years as a side hustle, so why not do the work I loved.  Surely, I would treat myself better than my previous employers, right?


Well, not exactly…

In the first 8 months after leaving traditional corporate, I generated six figures with my business.


But by the 2-year mark of full-time entrepreneurship, I was treating myself the same, if not worse, as the companies, I’d left behind.


The truth is, I was working so hard in my business because I thought that success would validate me.


I was hustling, grinding, and carrying the entire company on my back so I wouldn't let my family down and so that the people who said I was crazy for leaving corporate couldn't say, "I told you so."


Then, the red flags in my health started to show up again… Insomnia, fatigue, high blood pressure, migraines, depression, panic attacks, PCOS, infertility, you name it, and it was attacking me. 


But the perfect storm for change started when I reached out to a business mentor, in tears, on a Saturday morning that I realized the toxic mindset I was operating in. 


I was panicking.


I felt like nothing I was doing was working.


Even though I was generating income in my business, I couldn’t make ends meet.


The mortgage was behind, instead of living paycheck to paycheck – I was living client payment to client payment, my business and personal bank accounts were overdrawn, I had signed some clients because they had the money (despite red flags), I was tired -NO EXHAUSTED from doing ALL the things to fulfill my client offers…


And I threw up all of these thoughts, feelings, and emotions on her.


First of all, she called me out and asked me why I was up so early and “working” on a Saturday. I didn't have an answer.  Then she proceeded to try to offer me words of encouragement to quiet the inner talk that was working me into a frenzy, but it didn’t work.


Right after that exchange with my mentor, a good friend and biz bestie of mine who was battling the same things that I was in her business, had a stroke. 


And my eyes were wide open at that point. 


I took a long deep look at what I was doing AND why I was doing them and realized –

I was running my business the way I was because I was afraid I was going to miss out on some opportunity and money because:

  • I didn't have the systems in place to flourish

  • I didn't know who to add to my team

  • I didn't set clear boundaries for customers and clients

  • I hadn't done the inner work needed to step into the power of asking for help

  • I was still operating in the corporate residue of "earning" time off, promotions, and appreciation.

At that moment, I knew I HAD to create something that considered and respected me as a person… as a woman because If I didn’t, my business would outlive me.


That meant I had to shed the habits that made me a slave to my business, limited my ability to generate revenue consistently, stunted my business growth, damaged my health, and strained my relationships.


That’s when the switch flipped.


I began creating and proving what would become the CATALYST Strategic Planning Framework.


Why “catalyst”? 


Because catalyst is defined as “any substance that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed.” 


And CEOs should impact and influence their companies at increased rates without being consumed by the operations.


Even as an employee, I dreamed of building a successful business of my own.  A business that ignited others, allowed me to show up as a different kind of leader, and was profitable. 


And the CATALYST process has been the key to bringing that vision to life.


So, from berated, unheard, underpaid, and hopeless – even in my own business to building multiple thriving businesses across industries, I’m here to unleash and ignite you.  


THIS is your catalyst moment.