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5 MUST Have Roles for a Successful Team!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Tips on who to hire so that you can full operate as CEO

Think about hiring a VA is usually the go-to choice for CEOs. But what if there are other roles that should be filled to help both the CEO and the business flourish? More often than not CEOs of small businesses struggle with wearing too many hats and doing all the things. This keeps the CEO from being productive, profitable, AND present in their lives. CEOs can make their lives easier by hiring specific roles within the company to take care of business.

  1. Hire a COO - The Chief Operations Officer reports to and is instrumental in supporting the CEO and oversees the functions and general operations of the company. This person will not only manage the day-to-day operations, but also the additional team members who are in place to do the work. This will allow the CEO to direct and set the company's policies, vision, and goals.

  2. Hire a CEO Coach - A CEO coach is not only a trusted sounding board, but an objective source of advice and feedback. CEO coaching helps the CEO gain clarity on what matters most and how to make adjustments as needed. CEO coaches help CEOs with growing pains or those who want to make a mid-course correction.

  3. Hire a Project Manager - CEOs should hire a project manager to help them set up meetings, manage calendars, organize information, and put together presentations. CEOs are usually the ones who set up agendas for meetings, organizes information for CEO coaching sessions, take care of budgets that are handed over by the COO. CEO project managers take care of these tasks freeing CEO to make the business decisions needed to move the company closer to its overall goals.

  4. Hire an Executive Assistant - CEO assistants are also called Executive Assistants. The Assistants help the CEO by taking care of many administrative tasks that can not only be tedious but also take up a lot of time in the day. This includes tasks like travel arrangements, expense reports, prioritizing emails, setting up meetings, and other tasks that take the load off CEO's shoulders.

  5. Hire a Personal Assistant - CEOs need assistance in their personal lives too! Personal Assistants, like Executive Assistants, help CEOs with scheduling. But they focus more on personal schedules and lifestyle management including time management, a balanced lifestyle, and they even help the CEO stay on track with managing their personal commitments, responsibilities, obligations to friends and family.

While CEOs often start building their teams with the sole focus of supporting their business, the most beneficial roles that a CEO can source for are the ones that directly support them AND make it easier for them to wear the CEO hat. In addition to the list above, roles like HR support & Technical specialist are essential to helping a CEO reach their goals, without hitting burnout or neglecting other personal care and relationships in the process.

As the CEO of your company, what is the next role you will be hiring for?

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