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Who Am I, And Why Do I Do This Work?


and I’ve spent the past several years mentoring and coaching business owners and visionaries in various corporate settings and industries.  During my career, I worked in Healthcare Management, completed a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management, then a Masters of Business Administration in operations management. However, I knew I was designed and purposed to do more.


My continued studies of organizational leadership and management, coupled with my experience as an employee, corporate leader, and business owner, have helped me master how to bridge the gap between employee engagement and strong and productive corporate cultures.


There is nothing more important to people than feeling seen, heard, and understood.   It’s the very foundation of what drives them to commit to an organization’s mission and vision OR trust their products and services.  Skipping inclusive initiatives inside and outside your organization means your company could be losing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year!


And the truth is, this can not be corrected with engagement surveys or dumping more money into ads that don’t work.  You have to create and launch an authentic, customized inclusion initiative to turn things around.


That’s why I don’t offer “one size fits all” consultancies.


Let’s work together to take your company’s impact to an ATOMIC level that attacks dedicated team members, committed leaders, and die-hard fans and customers.

I'm Tar'kesa Colvin, 

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