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The #1 Tool to Shift Your Business is Strategy

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Are you ready to ELIMINATE feast & Famine in your business without working 60+ hours a week or spending more time online?

Powerful strategy and implementation are how established female entrepreneurs go from working in their businesses to being the CEO of their businesses.  It’s all about getting step-by-step guidance from other women who have created consistent income, grown their teams, and scaled in the process.

Far too many female entrepreneurs find themselves overworked and underpaid in their own businesses because learning to sell and launch doesn’t prepare you to build and maintain a successful business. So, whether you’re coaching or consulting, you’re always having to sell and fulfill for your clients.

What does it take to go from working overtime in your business to leading your business profitably?

  • Profit Pricing – Toxic pricing is the #1 cause of overworking and underperforming financially in your business.  Having pricing that is properly aligned with your business goals and the offer is the first step to shifting out of feast and famine.

  • Perfect Profit Plan – Having an income strategy that creates consistency for longer terms allows you to meet and exceed your business’s financial goals consistently.

  • Profit protection – Creating a profit plan that pays bills, pays the CEO, and increases reserves and cash on hand put the business in a strong position financially for daily operations and unexpected situations like expansion, cost increases, and natural disasters.

Only the CATALYST Framework takes this profit pricing, profit plan, and profit protection approach – so you will always know the financial needs of your business, how to meet these financial needs, and do so without working for free as the CEO.

Female entrepreneurs have been able to 3X their pricing with confidence to reach their financial goals and identify places in their businesses where they were leaving $52,000 to over $101,000 in profits on the table.


That’s why established female business owners who fully commit and take action make back their investment into our solutions, increase their income consistency, AND the ability to pay themselves.


We know these tools and processes can shift your business into consistent income – and we would love the opportunity to prove it to you. So, if review the solutions options that best ssuits you below.

Lead, Build and Grow Your Business

This is your CATALYST moment.